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If this is a same-gender marriage your designation of one spouse as the Husband and one as the Wife will only be used by us to correctly match the information you provide with the correct party. These terms will not be reflected on the documents we prepare and those documents will be effective in your case.

A sole divorce is not available in NB; a joint divorce is not available in MB or YK; a Joint Application in Alberta may require both spouses to attend the court house together. We do not provide any documents for use in Quebec, or the Judicial Districts of Saint John, or Moncton, New Brunswick which includes Charlotte County, Saint John County, Kings County, Albert County, Westmorland County and Kent County.

The divorce documents we prepare are based on separation for one year or more. When selecting a separation date you can use the date you physically separated or the date you stopped doing things together as spouses - you can be considered separated even if you continue to cohabit for financial or similar reasons. You can apply for divorce even before the year is up although the divorce will not become final until the year has expired. Filing early does speed up the process once the year is up.

If you have children who have reached the age of majority do not include them here unless child support is still being paid for them (due to attending university for example). But don't worry about making a mistake now, you can have us make changes to your documents at any time. We will work with you to get your documents just right.

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